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The Importance of Having a Branded Digital Presence

To put it simply, if your business does not have a website YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON SALES OPPORTUNITIES.

It amazes me, the amount of small businesses that don't have websites, even in 2016. The value of having a branded online presence is insurmountable in today's economic environment. Consumers are turning to the world wide web more than ever to connect with the world around them. If the fact that you are using the web to read this article right now is not proof enough of why your business NEEDS a website, below are 3 business reasons to make it a priority this year.

1. Google processes over 3.5 Billion Searches per day

And that is only one of many search engines. Someone is bound to be looking for your product or service, and guess what? You are not showing up, simply because you don't have a website. And what's worse is that your competitors who do have a web presence are acquiring your potential customers and gaining market share.

2. Become a trusted resource for new customers

The internet has changed the sales cycle dramatically. With the ability to perform extensive research online, most consumers have made up their minds prior to stepping foot into a brick & mortar establishment. Your website allows you to establish your business/brand as a trusted resource and industry expert. If you are able to establish this relationship through your online presence, consumers are more likely to purchase from your business.

3. Drive increased foot traffic

One fantastic thing about search engines is that as they gather more data on consumer search behavior the technology gets increasingly better. This is particularly true for small businesses, that depend on in store traffic for sales. If you have an established online presence, when a consumer that is geographically near your location searches for your product or service, a search engine is more likely to recommend your business to that consumer, driving them directly to your website/store.

Again, it must be reiterated that if your business does not have a website YOU ARE LOSING, as the internet opens many new doors and opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and become more prominent players in their industries. 2016 is your year to expand your horizons and take your business to new heights.

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