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How to Get Store Traffic Using Digital Marketing

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If you're a small business owner, you may be considering online marketing to drive more business to your company. You may be wondering how to use digital marketing tactics to get more sales. Sure, online marketing makes sense for companies that sale their products online, but is it right for you?... The answer is yes. With nearly 70% of shoppers going online to purchase their goods (source), it's even more important that brick & mortar shops participate in this space to remain relevant or even an option for consumers.

There are several proven digital marketing tactics that result in more sales, even for companies that don't do business online. Here are 4 digital & mobile marketing tactics that will drive more foot traffic and incremental sales to your business.

1. Update Online Directories

Ensure that your online directory listings are up to date, because online directory listings are likely to show up in local searches. By keeping your listing updated, you will have a higher chance of being found in SERPs when someone near your shop searches for your product(s).

2. Utilize Social Media

Use social media to your advantage. Putting up a page is not enough. Use your social media to promote and document in-store events and to make sure your followers know about all upcoming sales.

3. Geo-targeting

Targeting by region/location should be a part of your digital and mobile marketing strategy. There are several methods for implementing a geo-targeting campaign, such as local paid search and geo-fencing. Choose the method that aligns most with your business goals and drive increased traffic to your store.

4. Use Customer Data

Use existing sales and customer data to inform your digital marketing strategy. If you capture information about your current customer base, use that information to target similar individuals online. You should also use data collected during sales/promotions to develop your marketing message and campaign ideas to ensure that your communications resonate with your target audience.

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